Our Philosophy

Co-founders Heidi Garcia and Kevin Kautzman created ProPhotoGo in 2018 to make truly professional photography accessible to everyone.

In today’s digital and social media age, a picture is worth a million words. People instinctively know when a photograph has that special “it” quality only a true professional brings, and while smartphones have made powerful camera technology nearly ubiquitous, there’s nothing like the touch of a real professional to get the shot.

Don’t leave your next photography requirement in the hands of an amateur, or hope for a lucky shot from somebody’s smartphone. Book with ProPhotoGo today and we’ll personally select the best photographer in your area for your requirements.

Our Founders

Heidi Garcia is a professional photographer based in LA and NYC. With years of experience, she understands the needs of clients and brings to ProPhotoGo her extensive knowledge of professional photography. You can find her at heidigarciaphotography.com.

Kevin Kautzman is a professional technologist and WordPress expert with over a decade of experience developing websites that drive millions of pageviews, and dollars of revenue, yearly. Combined with an arts background as an award-winning playwright (MFA, Michener Center for Writers at UT Austin), he brings to ProPhotoGo a uniquely technical and creative skill-set. He can be found on LinkedIn.