We’re Building a Community of Professional Photographers

Have questions? Here are some answers. You can also contact us via our handy support form.

Do photographers pay for leads?

No. Once a photographer applies to ProPhotoGo here, they are entered into our list of available photographers for a given service area. For each gig, we will choose the top photographer based on their portfolio and expertise. You may apply and not hear from us with a gig listing, in which case the portfolio doesn’t match our requirements at this time. Rest assured we are marketing a wide range of services, and if work comes along matching your profile, we’ll be in touch.

If you applied and have an updated portfolio the better reflects your current work, please apply again with the new information. We will be moving to a username / login system soon, which will allow you to manage your profile in an ongoing fashion.

Do I pay a fee when I’m hired?


Do I pay a percentage of the gig?

No. ProPhotoGo photographers receive a flat rate of $70 per hour and a $30 booking fee for the first hour to cover the cost of travel, paid upon delivery. An hourlong booking pays $100. A two hour booking pays $170, and so forth. Delivery is made through ProPhotoGo’s ShootProof account. You must be able to travel to and from the gig, and we expect photographers to sign an agreement prior to accepting work that covers liability, non-compete, etc.

Are photographers required to carry insurance?

We encourage photographers to carry liability insurance and are not liable for damages whatsoever at or surrounding bookings. ProPhotoGo is not responsible for covering contracted photographers, and will not be held liable. See our booking terms here.

Are you just building an email list to market to photographers?

No. We’re growing a network of professional photographers with an eye toward total coverage nationwide and even internationally, something like an “Uber for professional photography.” If you register as a photographer¬†here, there’s an option to join our mailing list, and we will periodically send emails to the list with special offers on photography services as well as unique content we hope will be of interest to pro photographers. If you’re not interested in being a part of that list, simply don’t subscribe at registration or unsubscribe. You will still be considered for gigs in your area when they appear.

We welcome your feedback and want to provide a valuable resource for our fellow photographers. Email us at smile@prophotogo.com or use our support form with further question.

Non-compete Agreement

By accepting a photography session through ProPhotoGo, you agree that you (the photographer, talent) are a representative of ProPhotoGo and will not offer comparable services (photography / videography) to ProPhotoGo’s clients or accept such offers from ProPhotoGo clients, without the express permission of ProPhotoGo. You are to notify ProPhotoGo if such a request is made by any of the clients you have met through your work with ProPhotoGo.

Photo Use from ProPhotoGo Sessions

Photographers must receive express written permission from ProPhotoGo to use any photography from sessions booked through ProPhotoGo, for any purpose whatsoever, including social media, public portfolios, etc.

Liability & Insurance

We encourage and expect our contracted photographers to carry the appropriate liability insurance and are not liable for any damages whatsoever, to any party. See our booking terms here.